We noticed that it strengthened our bond as a family.

About two years ago, my grandmother Anna (86) had an accident at home. Fortunately, she was able to reach the phone, but she could just as well have fainted and ended up stuck on the ground there all night. When she was able to return home, it became clear to us, as a family, that we had to find a solution so that she could continue to live at home.

I happen to have a company in Ghent,  I focus on innovation and technology as a lever for social problems. That's how I came into contact with Jane. Fortunately, my grandmother was on board straight away, because of course, she has to want it too. And as a grandson, you can do always do more. 


She's still in good spirits, so from the moment I told to her how Jane works, with motion sensors and an app on my iPhone, she agreed. She's also still very active, working in the garden, going for walks, and even taking short car rides now and then. We try to dissuade her from the latter, but she won't give up that freedom easily. 

The fact that she can still live at home thanks to Jane is a great thing for us. We are not the kind of family that sends grandma go to a nursing home against her will, so this is the best solution for everyone.

We even found that it has strengthened our bond as a family. We are now all up to date via the app, so even family members who live further away can join in on the conversation. She is quite a Jane-ambassador herself, my grandmother. She proudly tells her friends that her grandson has arranged all of this for her.

Henri Jacobs, Jane user

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