The changing landscape of insurance

Business opportunities in the silver revolution

Rapidly evolving trends are transforming the risk landscape for the insurance industry. Among others, the ageing population and changes in healthcare needs are causing an increase in managing claims and rising expenditures.

Studies have shown that:

  • 66% of those age 75 to 84 are suffering a long-standing illness or health problem
  • Telehealth solutions can decrease the number of unplanned hospitalisations with up to 63%.
  • Insurance premiums generated by emerging Insurtech services will exceed 400 billion by 2023, up from an estimated $187 billion in 2018.

As an insurer, you can address some of the challenges within the healthcare sector. By offering value-added services, you turn a risk into an opportunity to increase your customer centricity and gain competitive edge in a competitive market of commodity products.

Discover more about the silver revolution, digital healthcare and the evolving risk landscape of insurers in our report "Silver Economy for the insurer".

Did you know?

Insurers’ product pipelines are too often misaligned with customer’s growing concerns and changing realities?

Only 26% of insurers

are exploring new business models.

Less than 45% of insurers

offer value-added services.

+50% customers

are likely to have high retention if insurers provide additional services.

Smart health monitoring

Offer added value to your customers with Jane

As an AAL company and Insurtech partner, Jane can help you address the changing concerns and needs of your customers. By offering value-adding risk-prevention services, you can act both as a partner and a preventer, while continuing to cover potential loss.

Jane is a smart living technology that enables seniors to live independently for as long as possible whilst unburdening their caregivers. The monitoring solution works both reactively (buttons) and proactively (algorithm and care rules). It keeps an eye on things so that incidents are often prevented and the number of claims, hospitalisations, etc. is reduced. Find out more about Jane in our report.

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