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Jane is there when you're not.Jane_Productset_FR2-1

With Jane, you have the ideal solution for letting your aging loved one live longer at home. And without you - or him - having to worry or feel unsafe.

The interplay of 3 alarm buttons, 6 motion sensors, 1 hub and the user-friendly application that connects all elements effortlessly means you'll always know how he or she is doing.

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Easy navigation

The summary screen gives you a convenient overview of all the information about your senior citizen. You can easily navigate through the various menus and alerts.


A dream care-team

Create your own tailor-made care circle for your senior. You are part of this circle of care, but family members and other relatives of the senior citizen can also be part of it.

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Activity trends

At a glance, you can get an idea of the level of activity of your senior, this feature also allows you to be alerted when something out of the ordinary happens.


Temperature monitoring

You will be able to monitor the temperature in your senior's home so that they can enjoy a pleasant environment at all times. Practical during heat waves.


All the info you need, always in the palm of your hand.

Using our free Android or iOS application, you can always see at a glance whether everything is okay with your aging loved one. If you also take out a subscription for 14.95 euros per month*, then
you - and your loved one - enjoy Jane's full potential.

This is a monthly service fee. The Jane-kit is not included in this price and has to be purchased separately.

Installing Jane is child's play

Setup Jane at your senior's home.

You don't have to be a geek to install Jane in your home. With a stable internet connection and smartphone or tablet, you're guaranteed to get there. Our Jane app will guide you through the installation step by step. Without having to make a single hole in a wall.
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Setup in minutes, forgotten in seconds.

Discover the Jane kit

A Jane kit includes 3 digital alarm buttons, 6 motion sensors and 1 hub. In this way you create a safe environment at your senior level that can be monitored by all members of the care circle via our Android or iOS application. Always with the greatest respect for the privacy and data security of you and your senior.


6 motion sensors

To be placed in the house. No nails, no holes to drill

3 alarm buttons

Two to place in high-risk rooms, the last one to keep close by.

1 Jane-hub

The real brain of the system, which collects all the information.

Designed with privacy in mind.

The sensors only detect motion and only send data about the presence or absence of motion in a certain room at a certain time. The sensors do not have a camera and cannot therefore take images or record audio. 

Only movement and temperature are detected and interpreted. This allows the senior citizen to continue to enjoy life in complete safety and privacy.