Carefree remote monitoring

Jane opens up a new world for elderly care. The combination of alarm buttons, motion sensors and artificial intelligence makes Jane a unique solution that allows caregivers to monitor their elderly at any given moment.

Quick and easy installation

Soon, Jane will be the first care technology that can easily be installed by the user. Everything is completely wireless and infrastructural works are not necessary.

Always up to date

The Jane app operates on an internet connection which allows all parties involved to consult real-time information, whenever they want.

Learning algorithm

Jane gets smarter and smarter everyday. The technology observes and analyses the senior’s behaviour and adapts accordingly. Even the solution itself becomes better everyday thanks to a dedicated team that continuously works on optimisations.

A unique combination of alarms

Jane is more than an alarm button. It is a smart solution that has virtually no limits in terms of monitoring. The user composes a care group for the senior, chooses in which cases they want to receive notifications and determines to whom and how these notifications are sent. Notifications will also be sent based on recognised patterns. Moreover, the Jane kit can be adapted to the specific care needs of the senior so that the system evolves with that person over time.

notifications have reassured caregivers
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Allow seniors to enjoy life in an autonomous and safe way

The Jane sensors only detect movement and temperature. They do not have a camera and therefore cannot take pictures or record audio.

The sensors do check whether there is movement in certain rooms at certain times. If they notice anything unusual, the resident’s care group gets notified.

In this way, the behaviour of the resident is perfectly monitored without infringing on their privacy - and they can enjoy life in complete safety.


The future of elderly care

Jane is a sustainable solution that helps offer an answer to the rapidly ageing population. Thanks to this smart technology, seniors can live at home longer and caretakers become unburdened.

As a partner, you could offer this all-in-one solution to your customers alongside your own products or services. By doing this, you will contribute to society in a sustainable way whilst improving your company’s reputation. Who knows, you might even generate more revenue by targeting an audience that you hadn’t considered before.

Do you want to find out more about Jane and its unique audience? Then be sure to read our whitepaper and start gaining competitive advantage.