Our main purpose: to enable happy ageing

Jane is committed to creating a sustainable form of elderly care by providing smart living technology for at home as well as for health care facilities.

This smart care technology has two main goals: ensuring that seniors and others in need of care can live independently for as long as possible, while unburdening their loved ones and caretakers.

A care model without walls

Everyone wants to live at home for as long as possible, safely and with access to professional care. Jane offers support to elderly people who still live at home, with their family or friends as their caretakers.

If this care becomes overwhelming, Jane can also be linked to, for example, a care facility. In this way, we create an ecosystem between all the parties and those in need of care can continue to live in their familiar surroundings.

This is an innovative, mixed care model that helps provide an answer to current and future care challenges and thus supports a sustainable model of welfare and elderly care.

Who is Jane?

Jane was created in Europe by a team of passionate specialists. Our main driver is to contribute to a sustainable society in a meaningful way. More specifically, we are committed to approaching the current trend of our ageing population. This is why we’ve developed a  custom-made solution through which we support seniors during important phases in their lives.