Offer unique benefits to a unique audience

Looking to offer your customers more than just a product or a service? Good thinking! By collaborating with Jane, you can do just that. Discover more about this smart care technology and how you can contribute to society by providing it to your customers.

Offer more than just a product or service

By offering Jane alongside your products or services, you offer added value to your customers. 

Develop an innovative brand image

Show your customers that you embrace and innovation and strive for better.

Show social responsibility

Prove your company contributes to the health, comfort and safety of senior citizens.

Notifications have reassured caregivers
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Jane, the future of elderly care

Jane is a sustainable solution that helps offer an answer to the rapidly ageing population. Thanks to this smart technology, seniors can live at home longer and caretakers become unburdened.

As a partner, you could offer this all-in-one solution to your customers alongside your own products or services. By doing this, you will contribute to society in a sustainable way whilst improving your company’s reputation. Who knows, you might even generate more revenue by targeting an audience that you hadn’t considered before.

Do you want to find out more about Jane and its unique audience? Then be sure to read our whitepaper and start gaining competitive advantage.